Spotlight : Trish DiFranco

A band is rarely just the musicians you see on stage. That's why we're putting the spotlight on the 'behind-the-scenes' team that make up what we call 'the TK Crew.'

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Trish DiFranco | Brand Manager

What came first, your love for writing or photography+design?

I’ve been interested in photography and writing since high school and pursued them both at Denison University. It wasn’t until I entered the advertising scene that I became interested in design. At Brokaw, I’m lucky to be surrounded by incredibly talented designers and have been able to pick up a few things. I don’t consider myself a designer but I do enjoy it as a side gig!

You are also part of the comedy group Friends with Cats. How did you get involved in the Cleveland comedy scene?

I’ve always been pretty obsessed with improv and sketch, and I’d spent years absorbing great material in New York City. So when I moved back to Cleveland, I was ripe to give it a go. I’ve been lucky to meet some outrageously talented comedians that have kept me involved with the Cleveland comedy scene. Friends with Cats will debut later this year as a sketch/improv/musical act. I’m very excited/a nervous wreck about it!

A band is a brand. As a professional copywriter, what is your advice to bands marketing themselves?

Well, working with These Knees is easy because they deliver a great “product” so to speak. But in general, know what differentiates your music, understand your audience, and deliver inspired work. Then…manifest greatness!

What interests you most: writing comedy sketches, writing short stories, or playing with your adorable cat, Gatsby?

Gatsby. Case in point.


You directed the fantastic album art for the new These Knees album, The Young and the Bright. Tell us what inspired the concept, what you enjoyed most about the experience, and what you would do differently in retrospect.

Thank you! That was a great experience for me. The look and feel was definitely inspired by the music. What I liked best? Hmm, well usually I’m just one piece of a project but this album art allowed me to be my own creative director – from concepting the photo, to shooting it, to crafting the liner notes. And best of all, my client trusted me artistically! And I think that shows in the final product. 

Do you currently have plans to work with other bands?

Not currently but I’m definitely open to it!

Where can we find more of your work?