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Song Placement: Short Film '
Detour' by Idle Entertainment, 9 nominations and 3 awards at Cleveland's 48hr Film Fest
featuring two These Knees original songs, "Sink" and "Before I Sleep"
Song Placement: Lakeview Cemetery Radio Spots featuring "Eventually"


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Booking + General:

"[These Knees'] new EP represents the strongest batch of material that the group has released to date and a big step forward that reveals a tremendous amount of growth for Trivison as a songwriter and artist." - Matt Wardlaw of Cleveland Scene Magazine

"If you're looking for a band to leap out from the pack and surprise you at this year's Cellar Door Rendezvous, it may be These Knees. Led by singer/multiple instrumentalist Stephanie Trivison, the band is extremely diverse, ranging from Paramore-ish pop-rock to indie-rock songs reminiscent of Rilo Kiley. "The New Year" is just one of several standout tracks from the band's 2013 album "The Young and the Bright." -  Troy Smith of

"These Knees has some of the best written pop/rock songs and melodies of anyone I've worked with. After every session we do, I find myself whistling, humming, and singing parts for days afterward. As someone who listens to several songs a day, hundreds of times, I think that says a lot." - Recording Engineer Jim Stewart (Ohio Sky, Chimaira, Welshly Arms, DJ Scrilla)

"...the group has retooled their sound to create rich harmonies and mature vocals that create a cohesive sound that transcends the run-of-the-mill indie pop rock genre." - Judie Vegh of Midwest Action

"...Her band's terrific new album, The Young and the Bright, sounds a bit like Tegan and Sara and features feisty tunes that have a Violent Femmes-like spirit to them." - Jeff Niesel, Music Editor of Scene Magazine

"...the gist of the Trivison’s songs has remained the same: graceful, high-spirited pop rock that’s easy to like. And her casual charisma makes this a band always worth seeing, undoubtedly why they’ve appeared at every local festival worth playing." - Anastasia Pantsios of Cool Cleveland